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Musical Colors is primarily a set of professionally designed, color coded, removable stickers, with a protective aqueous coating, that are applied directly to the surface of almost any musical instrument. These stickers are custom made for each type of instrument and do not interfere with the performance of the instrument whatsoever or physically damage the instrument in question. More importantly, these stickers connect the student or musician to his or her musical instrument, through an interactive theory manual that is an unparalleled resource of musical information; and this code makes it possible ->

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Does this sound like something you, or someone you know, might say regarding the study of music or playing a musical instrument like the guitar?

"I don't want to be limited to one or two positions for any given chord."
"I'm not always sure what key I'm in when I'm jamming out!"
"It's hard to remember notes, scales and chords."
"I cannot afford expensive music classes."
"Music is too difficult and too boring."
"I'd like to play my own music."
"I can't play an instrument."

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